Non Serviced Rentals

Our teams perform initial credit checks and cross-referencing before finalizing a tenant. More so, we take the pain of bargaining the rent and selecting the tenant who can actually afford your desired rent.Once you select the tenant of your choice and the agreement is mature, we handle all the paperwork for you. After that, the deposit money and the first month’s rent is deposited to your account. Moreover, we make sure that every agreement includes due and lawful clauses. Therefore, if a property needs to be vacated within the parameters of the law and an agreement, it is ensured.


Serviced Rentals

Apart from the regular (non-serviced) rentals, we also provide special (serviced) rental services. The package includes all the services mentioned in the non-serviced rentals. In addition, all the agreements and paperwork executed under this package cost zero to the Landlord. Plus, unlike non-serviced rentals, we collect monthly rents from the tenants on your behalf and deposit them into your bank account or give you the cash directly - whatever is convenient for you. Thus, saving you the hassle to chase them every month for rent. More so, we take care of the renewal of agreements at no extra cost to you, and if the agreement reaches its end, due notices are served to the tenants to vacate the property. As far as the service charges of this package are concerned, we only charge 10% of every month’s rent against all these services.

Rental Services for Tenants

We know that as a tenant finding a perfect rental property which suits your needs, isn't easy. We understand all the hassle that you go through when searching for a certain apartment or house. Understanding the need of the market, we are here with a solution, through which we provide exceptional rental services to the tenants. Moreover, your rights as tenants are ensured, and compliance of certain law clauses of the rental agreement is also ensured.