Apna Introduction

Apnibasti is professional real estate portal where you can find the best properties via the finest and trustworthy agents. The aim isn’t just to list various properties on the site, but providing end to end customer support is the motive.
Setting up our office in Sargodha, we aim to expand our business in Lahore and Islamabad in the later stage. These offices will be equipped with professional staff, providing the most proficient advice related to selling and buying properties in your locality.


Apna Kaam?

Apnibasti is a complete real estate solution, providing a series of property related services to its customers. It not only connects the sellers and buyers, but also connects the landlords and tenants with an aim to create a customer friendly environment.
Service range is quite broad, including buying & selling a house in the best price, buying and selling commercial properties in the most reasonable price that benefits both the parties involved and selling of rakbas for residential developments. More so, we also provide rental services to both the tenants and landlords, by finding the perfect match.